Mathew Norman; The Guardian, May 2010

If your local curry house is even half as good as this, then you're laughing

The...'Floor is polished until you could literally eat your dinner off it...consistantly delicious...faultless...it takes a clever chef to produce something of this ferocity that still lets you taste each spice distinctly'.

Natasha W. (London) Feb 2011

I've tried a lot of curreis around London (Manchester and Sheffield), from quite cheap to very very expensive, and I have to say this is the nicest I have had, It has not been "anglosised" so every dish is full of flavour, and I always go for something I've never had before. The place is spotless, food fantastic, reasonably priced, good quality meat and the service is not pushy. Comes highly recommended by myself.

MH. (London E2)

Even though I live in the East End which is known for its Indian restaurants, I don't think I have ever had a better curry than in this restaurant located all the way West. The food served here is authentic and exquisite. I have ever only heard good things about it. The restaurant itself is quite nice and the service is very friendly, but since my friend used to live really close by we usually settled for takeaway.

The curries are all very tasty and perfectly spiced. Kathmandu is not only an Indian restaurant but also serves Nepalese, as its name suggests. The best dish on the menu is a mild Nepalese curry served with mangos called 'Lamb Nepal'. I think I could live on this dish everyday if I had half the chance. Next time you venture out West, make sure to stop by this amazing restaurant.

Newbie - 8/10

One of the best Asian food restaurants in London. Staff and management team are both warm frienndly and the food is just amazing. Be warned, you will need to book in advance if you intend to dine on a Friday or Saturday evening. This venue is a regular with celebrities. BBC's Adrian Chiles is a regular and many more A list celebs have dined here.

Chris - 4/5

This is neighbourhood Indian cooking great, simply cooked, good value Nepalese food. Great staff, always eager to please and often busy in that old fashioned 'flocked wallpaper' type joint! Love it!.